I'm a digital generalist that drives product success through UX, design, strategy, and communication.

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James Seaborn


What does it mean to be a digital generalist? It begins with curiosity.

I find myself obsessed with design and function of software products. This can manifest in UX design, information architecture, data structures, and product strategy. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing teams as both a participant and leader.

Product Owner

Design, Management, & Strategy

Frontend  Infrastructure

Design System & Component Design

User Experience

Design, Analysis, & Research


Culture & Team Management

Stakeholder Management

Ideation, Consulting, & Management

Who I've worked with

Here is a small sample of the companies I have collaborated with.







Actual Atom

The Concept

My work and philosophy are heavily influenced by Brad Frost's Atomic Design methodology. Designed to "help teams think of their user interfaces as a hierarchical, interconnected set of components".

Over the course of my career, I have found the concepts of this work to apply to how I strategize products and designs, but also a north star for team effectiveness. When working on a team I consider myself an "atom" of the overall organism.

It is the interactions between these atoms that result in outstanding products that are a joy to use.